Girl Names that Start with "p"

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Page Old English
Pamela Greek Sweet as Honey
Pandora Greek Gifted
Pansy Old French/Greek A Thought
Panthea Greek Of all the Gods
Patience Latin Virtuous
Patricia Latin Noble Woman
Patty Latin Variant of Patricia
Paula Latin Small
Paulette Latin Small
Pearl Latin The Pearl
Peggy Greek A Pearl
Peg Greek A Pearl
Penelope Greek Weaver
Persis Greek Woman from Persia
Petrina Greek A Rock
Philana Greek Lover of Mankind
Philippa Greek Feminie of Philip
Philomena Greek Nightingale
Phoebe Greek Goddess of the Moon
Phyllis Greek A Green Bough
Polly Variant of Molly
Primavera Latin Springs Beginning
Primrose Latin First Rose
Priscilla Latin Dutiful
Prudence Prudent
Prunella Old French-Latin Plum or Prune Color

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