Girl Names that Start with "n"

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Nada Slavonic Hope
Nadia Slavic Hope
Nadine Form of Nada
Nan Hebrew Grace
Nancy Hebrew Grace
Naomi Hebrew Delightful
Narda Persian The Anoited
Natalie Latin Born at Christmas Time
Nathania Hebrew Gift of the Lord
Natica Latin Christmas Child
Nell Greek Light
Neoma Greek New Moon
Nerissa Greek Daughter of the Sea
Nerita Greek Of the Sea
Nessa Greek Pure
Nessia Greek Pure
Nevada Latin Snowy
Nicolette Greek Peoples Victory
Nicole Greek Peoples Victory
Nina Native American Mighty
Noelle French Born on Christmas
Nola Celtic Noble or Famous
Noleta Latin The Unwilling
Nona Latin The Ninth
Nora Latin Honor
Norine Latin Honor
Norma Latin Model or Pattern
Nova Native American Butterfly Chaser
Nydia Latin Refuge or Nest

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