Girl Names that Start with "l"

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Lacey Russian Cheerful One
Lakeesha African American Variant of Leticia
Lane English Narrow Road
Lani Hawaiian Noble Woman
Lara Latin Famous One
Larina Latin Sea Gull
Larissa Greek Cheerful
Laura Latin The Laurel
Laurel Latin From Laurel Garland
Loralie Latin From Laurel Garland
Lauren Variant of Laura
Laverna Old French Vernal or Springlike
Leah Hebrew Weary
Leigh Hebrew Weary
Leanne Anglo Saxon Combo of Lee and Anne
Lee Anglo Saxon Meadow
Lea Anglo Saxon Meadow
Leilani Polynesian Flower of Heaven
Lemuela Hebrew Dedicated to God
Lenita Latin Gentle
Leola Femine of Leo
Leonie Latin The Lion
Leonora Greek Light
Leslie Celtic Gray Fortress
Leta Latin Joy
Leticia Latin Joy
Lexine Greek Helper of Mankind
Liana French/Latin A Bond
Lilah Greek The Lily
Lillian Greek A Lily
Lil Greek A Lily
Lily Greek A Lily
Lilybell Latin Fair Lily
Linda Latin Beautiful
Linette Celtic Graceful
Lindsay Old English From the Linden-tree isle
Lisa Hebrew Consecrated to God
Liza Hebrew Consecrated to God
Lisette Hebrew Consecrated to God
Livia Latin The Olive
Lizzie Hebrew Consecrated to God
Lois Feminie of Louis
Lola Spanish Variant of Charlotte
Lolita Variant of Lola
Lorelei Teutonic Legendary Siren
Lorena Latin The Laurel
Lorraine French A Place Name
Louisa Teutonic Famous in Battle
Louise Teutonic Famous in Battle
Lucia Latin Light
Luciana Latin Light
Lucille Latin Light
Lucinda Latin Light
Lucy Latin Light
Lulu Variant of Louisa
Luna Latin Shining
Lynn Anglo Saxon A Cascade

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