Girl Names that Start with "b"

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Bailey French Public Servant
Bambi Italian Child
Barbra Greek Strange
Bobbie Greek Strange
Bathsheba Hebrew A Pledge
Battista Greek The Baptizer
Beata Latin Blessed
Beatrice Latin She Who Blesses
Beatrix Latin She Who Blesses
Becky Hebrew The Ensnarer
Belinda Latin Pretty
Belle French Beautiful
Bella French Beautiful
Benetta Latin The Blessed
Benita Latin The Blessed
Berdine Teutonic Bright Maiden
Bernadette Feminine for Bernard
Bernice Greek Bringer of Victory
Bertha Teutonic Bright or Glorious
Berta Teutonic Bright or Glorious
Bertina Teutonic Bright or Shinning
Beryl A Jewel
Bess Hebrew Consecrated to God
Beth Hebrew Worshiper of God
Bethany Hewbrew Worshiper of God
Bethesda Hebrew House of Mercy
Bettina Hebrew Consecrated to God
Beulah Hebrew She who is to be married
Beverly Old English From a Beaver Meadow
Bianca Italian White
Blair Scottish Dweller of the Plain
Blanche Teutonic/Latin White or Fair
Blenda Teutonic Dazzling
Blythe Old English Free Spirit
Bo Chinese Precious
Bonnibel Latin Good and Beautiful
Bonnie Latin Fair or Lovely
Brandi Old English Burn Wine
Brenda Germanic Flame
Briana Irish Gaelic Strong
Bridget Irish Strong
Brit Irish Strong
Breezy Spanish From the lliad
Brittany Latin From Britain
Brooke Old English The Brook
Brunhilde Teutonic Battle Maid

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